No stranger to art, professionalism, and dramatic flair, Jessica Lynn Gahring was meant to live out her passions and love in front of the big screen.

Jessica was born on August 12, 1982 to Robert James Gahring and Martha Jean Stone in the once urban town of Vestal, NY. Jessica has 2 younger sisters, Kristin (27) and Erinn (19). As luck would have it, Jessica just so happened to be the most stubborn and most difficult to deal with according to her father. “Nothing can change Jessie’s mind,” Robert says. He continues, “…if she puts her mind and passion into something then she’ll do whatever is within her power to make that thing happen. Her gift of power, will, and unwavering determination has served her well over the years. Though, when she was a teenager I’d have said differently,” he laughs. Jessica’s artistic influence grew out of her father’s love and passion for the fine arts. As a child, Jessica recalls, “I remember looking at the pieces that my Dad drew and painted and I couldn’t believe his ability to duplicate a human face onto the paper. It absolutely blew my mind! I never once thought, ‘Hey I can do that’ but I do remember watching his methods and would try my best to duplicate them myself.” According to Jessica, art was the one true thing that connected her to her father while growing up. “Art was his every-once-in-a-while passion and the end result looked as if he’d been drawing every day of his entire life,” she reminisces.

Although Jessica was influenced artistically through her father, it was her mother who taught her the power of positive thinking and in how to be an effective mother. Regardless of the situation or circumstances, Jessica’s mother had an amazing way of pointing out that there were plenty of people existing in the world who had it much worse than she had. Martha always put her children before any of her own needs and taught her children to be humble, loyal, honest and dedicated. In addition, she taught Jessica to follow her intuition, never to settle for anything less than she deserves, and to always pursue growth on a professional and spiritual level. Jessica credits both of her parents for giving her a complete opposite set of traits that set in motion an individual who does not give up, pushes forward despite trials, uplifts those around her even on a tough day, and still remains stubborn and steadfast in her own viewpoints.

Regarding Jessica’s educational background, she graduated from Vestal High School in 2000 with a Fine Arts Degree and immediately started college at a private all-women’s college that Fall. Jessica completed her B.A. Degree in Sociology: Global Cultures & Inequalities from Russell Sage College in 2004 and began her M.S. Degree the following Fall. Jessica graduated in 2005 with a degree in Educational Administration & Policy Studies. While books were giving her a knowledge based education, Jessica was busy learning a “life based” education through motherhood. Jessica and her college sweetheart had found themselves pregnant while Jessica was in her Senior year of college. Jordyn Michelle was born in July 2004 between her graduation from Russell Sage and her start of Graduate School at SUNY Albany. Becoming a Mother fueled her in following her passions of love and creativity. Jessica recalls, “It was as if becoming a mother forced this hindered creative passion from deep down out into the open. I would look at my daughter’s face and be so inspired to create something real that I just couldn’t deny my artistic gift any longer!” Jessica took a couple of jobs in Higher Education for “normalcies” sake while her daughter was young but it was creativity that ultimately won the battle. Jessica left Higher Education in 2007 in pursuit of her artistic endeavors. Jessica’s decision to leave normal employment was highlighted in TATTOO Magazine’s Issue 222 inside story, titled “Enlightened Ink”, where she was also featured as the cover model for the issue. Jessica credits her love and passion for tattoos to her long time tattoo artist and friend, Chip Beam, owner and artist of Artifex Tattoo in Vestal, NY.

Jessica took a job as a mid-level manager in banking in 2010, hoping to gain greater insight into the financial side of running an effective business. “I knew that banking wasn’t a job I would hold forever but it exposed me to the different processes of running and maintaining a financially healthy business. I learned what to do and what not to do in Business. I have always wanted to operate my own business and I never jump into anything without doing my homework!” Jessica recalls. It was during this brief stint in banking that Jessica learned of Ami James’s newest business endeavor, New York Ink. Jessica jumped at the opportunity to work for Ami James as the shops Manager. It is Jessica’s ultimate desire to learn to tattoo and while Jessica does not settle until she’s accomplished her goals there is no doubt that we will one day see Jessica tattooing across the Convention Circuit and in your ‘backyard’.


NY Ink airs on TLC June 2nd, 2011 10/9c